First-Time Home Buyers

Home ownership is a huge life milestone to fulfill, and we would be honored to hold your hand through the entire process. You will have a lot of questions (as you should!) but the experience should be empowering and exciting. That's where we come in! 

There are 11 steps to buying a home. We have detailed the first 4 for you so you're not overwhelmed! After reviewing, give us a call to go over the rest!

  1. Get Pre-Approved with a Mortgage Lender. We are happy to connect you with our lender partner today! She specializes in First Time Home Buyers and explains every step with patience and expertise.
  2. Decide what you can Comfortably Afford to Purchase. Interest + Principle + Taxes + Insurance + HOA/Maintenance Fee = Mo/Payment.
  3. Understand the Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement. How will your Real Estate agent protect you in the purchase process?
  4. Understand the Typical Timeline for the Home Buying Process
        • Select a Home and Write an Offer
        • Negotiate, Counter Offer and Contract Acceptance
        • Notify Lender and begin Final Loan Approval process
        • Order and review Title Work
        • Perform Inspections (Typically 10 calendar days from the date of contract acceptance)
        • Negotiate Repairs/Inspection Items (Typically 5 calendar days from the date of request for repair)
        • Order Appraisal and Home Warranty
        • Schedule Closing
        • Select Insurance Carrier
        • Transfer Utilities
        • Final Walk-Thru and Closing