Why You Should Service Your A/C Unit

It's May 1st and the Kansas City summer heat will be here before we know it! This is the perfect month to check on your Air Conditioning Unit before it's 90+ degrees and you realize it's not working properly. In fact, we receive lots of calls from panicked clients in July/August when their unit fails them and 9/10 times, it's because they didn't service it ahead of time.

Check out 5 ways that you can check on the functionality of your unit and/or what to expect from a professional if you go that route.

  1. Change the Air Filter. This is likely the EASIEST way you can ensure your unit works well for years down the road. Many homeowners who have issues with their unit realize that an old, dirty filter is the problem. Ideally you should replace your filter every 3 months!
  2. Is it Level? Over the winter and spring, your unit may have tilted slightly. For it to function efficiently and properly, your unit must be level. This is when a professional may need to be involved, especially if the concrete it's sitting on is sagging or the landscaping (root systems) is affecting the balance.
  3. Dirt and Debris. It's very common for leaves, pollen and twigs to clog up the exterior of your unit. A simple cleaning can save you from big issues during the summer heat! Remember that if you can't get it clean without opening it up, please call a professional!
  4. Can you hear it? If you turn your unit on and it's making all sorts of weird noises, call a professional. Your unit should run quietly and blow air easily.
  5. Clear it Up. It's very important that your unit has 2 feet of clear space around it. Nothing should be stored around it and landscaping shouldn't be creeping into it. A quick DIY clean up can really save you in the future!

As always, we have a Rolodex of service providers to share with you. Give us a call!

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