Timberrrr: Protect Your Kansas City Home from Tree Damage Now

As the buds begin to burgeon and the greenery returns, Kansas City homeowners know that spring also heralds the start of storm season. This is the moment to consider the safety and preparation of your property—starting with tree trimming. 

Many homeowners have sticker shock when they see the cost of tree trimming, but as you can see below,  IT IS WORTH IT!

  1. Tree maintenance ensures the health of your trees. Removing dead or weak branches can prevent decay and disease from spreading. To lose a tree in any part of your yard often changes the complete look of your home's exterior!
  2. Trimming can reduce the risk of branches breaking off and falling onto your home during high winds and heavy rain, potentially saving you from costly repairs. A large limb falling on your roof or gutters can not only displace you and your family for a long period of time but the cost to repair can be exorbitant.
  3. You are responsible if your tree falls on your neighbor's home. If that's not a reason to make sure your mature trees especially are trimmed back, then we don't know what is!
  4. Well-groomed trees enhance your property's curb appeal, contributing to the overall beauty of our Kansas City neighborhoods. It also demonstrates a commitment to the local environment and community well-being.
  5. Those of you that live in the older parts of the Kansas City with above ground power lines (aka Prairie Village, Downtown Overland Park, Brookside, Waldo, etc.), it is very dangerous if a limb from a large tree in your yard hangs over the line and falls on it during a storm. Not only could your entire neighborhood lose power, the damage and clean-up is extremely inconvenient to manage.

Prepare your home for the season's challenges and embrace the peace of mind that comes with it. Spring into action and prioritize tree trimming—your home will thank you when the storm clouds roll in!

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