Earth Day: 10 Natives in Kansas City Region

In honor of Earth Day, join us in thinking about how we can take better care of our planet and the environment in our beloved Kansas City!

Planting trees, flowers and plants native to this region is a great way to honor the day, beauty your landscaping and ensure your green treasures last a lifetime. The following can best tolerate Midwest conditions and have a  long history of successfully growing in the area:

  1. Bluestar
  2. Blue False Indigo
  3. Willowleaf Sunflower
  4. Smooth Hydrangea
  5. Spicebush
  6. Cardinal Flower
  7. Ninebark
  8. Fringe Tree
  9. Christmas Fern
  10. Sourgum Tree

For additional information on these species, where to plant them, etc. please visit Mid-America Regional Council.

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