6 Reasons to Mulch this Spring

You may be driving around Kansas City, noticing all the advertisement signs for "MULCH FOR YOUR YARD! ORDER NOW!". It turns out right now is a great time to mulch your yard because when the temperatures start to rise, it means the soil in your yard is warming up and shaking off the winter freeze.

Check out the 6 reasons to mulch your yard this spring:

  1. Mulch Controls Weeds - Mulch blocks sunlight so weeds don't have the energy to power through the mulch and ruin your curb appeal. Who likes pulling weeds all summer anyway? Not us!
  2. Mulch Stops Erosion - Mulch slows down water and can protect the perimeter around your home from flooding. It also locks in nutrient rich soil from washing away from your delicate plants and flowers.
  3. Mulch Stops Pests - Did you know that Cedar bark mulch naturally repels insects and pests? They don't like the smell and stay away from your precious landscaping!
  4. Mulch Encourages Earthworms - Those slimy buggers really like the protective nature of mulch and will add more nutrients to your soil, thereby creating a robust and healthy ecosystem in your yard.
  5. Mulch is Healthy - Crazy, but mulch adds new nutrients to the soil as the organic material inside of it decays. Locking in nutrients creates the perfect conditions for a super healthy and green yard.
  6. Mulch Locks in Moisture - Mulch soaks up a lot of water and during those scorching summer days when the ground is super thirsty, mulch is a great protectant.

As always, let us know if you need a service provider referral to come get the job done for you! You can also have mulch directly delivered to your driveway if you enjoy a good sweat :)

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