5 Whole Home Humidifier Winter Tips

During this time when the outdoor temperatures are brutally cold, it is very important to be attentive to your furnace and whole home humidifier. We often hear from clients who don’t know why there is so much condensation accumulating on their windows. OR why their hardwood floors are splitting and cracking and their paint is suddenly chipping. It turns out that having the right percentage set on your humidifier will make all the difference!

Here are 5 tips to consider during this frigid weather:

1)     If there is fogging and condensation on your window glass and sills, turn down your humidifier setting. We recommend to 20% to 30% when it’s really freezing outside.

2)      Wipe off any excessive condensation so it doesn’t sit there as it melts, damaging the paint on your window sills.

3)      If your hair is literally standing from too much static electricity, your skin is super dry and your hardwood floors look like they’re cracking, your humidifier may be turned off completely or at a very low setting. Raise it slowly and monitor the differences in how you feel!

4)      Fully check the caulking inside and outside of your door and window frames. Make sure that the weather-stripping is still in good shape and seals tight to prevent drafts. This is a great way to help condensation not build on the inside of your windows!

5)      When you have your furnace serviced, many times the service providers leave it on a high setting for no particular reason. Be mindful after a tune-up and make sure the humidifier is set to the right setting depending on the season. Keeping it to 20% to 50% in the winter is important (all depending on the outside temps)!

If you have any questions about your whole home humidifier or need the name of a service provider to install one for you, let us know in the comments below!

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