5 Ways to Make Your Home Luckier

With St. Patrick's Day upon us, I thought I'd share 5 ways homeowners can bring more luck into their homes! What do you do? Comment below!

  1. Add a horseshoe to your home decor. Display on your book shelves, consoles or entry table.
  2. Place statues of elephants around your home. In many cultures, an elephant symbolizes good luck, power, wisdom and fertility.
  3. Paint your front door. Red happens to be a very positive feng shui color that is mythicized to bring good luck and protection.
  4. Incorporate lucky plants like bamboo, money trees, or snake plants.
  5. Get a goldfish! They are considered to be the most sacred and prosperity-bringing fishes of all! The fish looks like gold and is said to add a glow of gold in your life as well.

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