5 Home Design Trends in 2023

The Experts have weighed in and the common design aesthetic in 2023 is predicted to focus on warmth, natural and texture heavy decor, accessories and finishes. Here are 5 Interior Design Trends to incorporate into your home this coming year!

  1. Eco-Conscious Homes: Think organic and renewable materials and lots of earthy wood. White oak cabinets, quartzite counters, lots of plants. Bringing the outside in!
  2. Rich, Saturated Hues: Think deep reds, browns, and greens. In fabrics, curtains, accent pillows especially. The Gray Trend is slowly evolving out! 
  3. At Home Retreats: Think design that makes you feel like you’re on vaca 24/7. Life is stressful and a big trend this year is to creat meaningful spaces in your home that allow for a daily escape. Adding spa-like amenities to your bathroom, super soft bed linens, paint colors that evoke adventure, new dishes that remind you of a trip abroad... there are so many things you can do!
  4. Bold Marble: Marble is timeless especially if you go with lots of veining and warm colors. It's a little tricky to maintain this natural stone but the look is so worth it. We especially love marble counters in kitchens complemented by sage green painted cabinets, brass hardware and bold lighting.
  5. Meaningful Objects: Think décor items that evoke family history, authenticity and memorable life experiences. Decorate your open shelves, nightstands and entry table with items from your travels, heirlooms from grandparents and keepsakes from your children's early years. These special mementos bring perspective into your daily life! 

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