2024 Design Trends

Out with the grays and minimalistic finishes?? Per Houzz, 2024 is predicted to be filled with warmer, timeless and more natural style and design elements. Check out their list of what retailers, designers and consumers alike will be gravitating towards in the months to come. And let us know your favorite in the comments!

1. Fluted Details: In response to the hyper-minimalism trends of the past few years, home designers have been gravitating toward ways to add more texture back into the home. One of the most popular ways is through the use of fluted details, whether that's on kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, or living room furniture.

2. 0 Shades of Gray: Gray tones have been escorted out of style for a few years now. Today, it's the warmer neutrals, like beiges, creamy off-whites, and rich browns that dominate. While this trend isn't brand new, it's expected to stick around for a while, creating a calmer, more welcoming backdrop for home interiors.

3. Timeless Elements: Many homeowners are requesting more traditional details and materials that create a timeless style, especially for large renovation projects. Even in more modern homes, homeowners are finding ways to incorporate elements that feel more aged, like brick, clay tiles, rustic wood elements, and arches.

4. A home for the Airfryer: Appliance garages are regaining popularity in kitchens as homeowners seek ways to declutter their homes while also incorporating more gadgets in the kitchens. If you're someone who has an air fryer, Instant Pot, and every other trending appliance in your kitchen, this might be the design move for you.

5. Herringbone is Here: Patterns, like every all other trends, come back around—and Houzz experts say herringbone is next on the revival list. It's a classic pattern for flooring, kitchen and bathroom tile, and more, and it can done in new ways to make the style look refreshed and modern.

6. Combo Laundry and Mud Room: This increasingly popular setup lets homeowners place grimy sports uniforms, sandy beach towels, or muddy winter coats directly into the wash before they track dirt further into a home. It's certainly something Buyers love to see when they tour a home!

7. All Naturale: More handmade and custom features are being added as a way to add more charm and uniqueness to a space. Houzz experts say this includes things like handmade tiles, custom bathroom vanities, and other bespoke elements.

8. Hybrid Backsplashes: According to Houzz, some designers are choosing to install a slab of stone of quartz behind the range or cooktop in the kitchen, while keeping the surrounding backsplash areas tiled. This creates a more modern, classic look and really elevates the luxury of a kitchen or bar space.

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Source: Houzz

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